"Investing in Employee Wellbeing - HPE's Global Wellness Programs"

Employee wellbeing is a crucial component of a successful organization, and HPE has prioritized this through its comprehensive global wellness programme. This presentation will provide an overview of the Wellness Pillars HPE offers, including physical wellness, mental health support, financial wellbeing resources, and community wellbeing. We will discuss the benefits of investing in employee wellbeing, the success factors and how these programs have helped HPE employees overcome challenges and improve their overall wellbeing. Attendees will gain insights into the importance of Wellness programmes and practical tips for implementing similar programs in their own organizations.

In this presentation you will learn:

• Strategies for comprehensive wellness programmes

• Financial wellbeing resources

•Mental health

• Community wellbeing

• Physical wellness

• Success factors

Carsten Eckensberger, Head Of Compensation Benefits D-A-CH, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Orlagh Kelly, EMEA Benefits and Rewards Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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