"How New Work is changing job architectures"

This presentation delves into the extensive research findings that illuminate the profound changes underway in job roles, structures, and expectations worldwide. Join us as we discuss the implications of New Work on organizations, employees, and the evolving future of work. Our insights, drawn from Deloitte’s extensive research, provide a comprehensive view of the transformative forces shaping the modern workplace.

In this presentation you will learn:

Key findings from Deloitte’s global study on the impact of “New Work” on job architectures.

How organizations are adapting their job roles and structures to align with the evolving work landscape.

The strategies and best practices employed by leading companies to thrive in the era of New Work.

Insights into the future of work and the role of job architectures in fostering innovation and growth.

Lisa Bourcarde, Manager, Deloitte and Kai-Christian Sürie, Senior Consultant, Deloitte

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